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    Hello good day.

    I’m having trouble making the template work and I do not know where I’m going wrong. I have seen in the forum other people with the same problems, but even having already done what you suggested, I could not solve.

    At home, the LATEST DEALS, BEST SALE, and BEST SELLER areas do not appear and I think I configured everything correctly.

    The only thing I could do was to display the products on the home using STATIC BLOCK or LAYOUT USAGE, described in the TSM Products tab, but even so, the GRID mode was all unconfigured in relation to the layout, only works the LIST mode and the items obviously did not look like in the demo: http://preview.tplsolution.com/tsm_wooplus/index.php/

    I will be sending the access to my site in the answer just below, for you to check if possible.

    Thanks in advance for the support.

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